Platform Edge – That’s A-vore! Page 4


In the last installment, Officer Rackowitz explains that he became attracted to Mona after one of the patrons of the bar she works at doxxed her on a cannibal fetish site, and has decided to make the fantasy a reality. Yes, this is veeerrrrrrry loosely based on the “cannibal cop” case here in NYC. And yes, before people come around to sound off like the idiot in the last panel here, ok. Yes, people are entitled to their jack off/jill off fantasies, as much as I’m entitled to hold my opinion of said fantasies. (You wouldn’t believe how butthurt some rape-fetish misogynerds can get when faced with the fact that a survivor of actual rape has an unflattering opinion of their big “empowering” rape-kink. Oh wait, we’re on the fucking internet. Of course you would believe it.) But the thing is, the cop was posting photos, addresses, personal information on a group of women to strangers discussing how to rape, murder and eat them…without their knowledge or consent. Used police data bases to get some of the information published. If it’s all just the realm of fantasy, why did they need such specific real-world information? Don’t most people manage to jack it to their fantasy of their favorite celebrity, porn star, co-worker or what have you without needing to dig up their home addresses, type of car driven, etc. first? I call bullshit here. And decided to write this black comedy about said bullshit.

Read the series over at Tapastic.


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