To be at peace with a troubled world is not a reasonable aim

A must read.

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George Monbiot, inspired by Paul Verhaeghe, on how the modern world that is sold to us as upholding values that would free us, instead binds us to the faceless all-seeing, all-powerful bureaucracy that no one admits to being part of yet also provides so many excuses for so many to not take responsibility, to not think, to not engage with each other: and yet is perfectly designed to reward the few winners and punish the many deemed as losers.  

Being at peace with such a troubled world is itself troubling and leads to many finding only alienation, frustration and exhaustion and thence to the hospital-  and if not diagnosable as physically ill then get categorized and diagnosed and discarded as “mentally ill”.

How to rise above this? 

Well, Monbiot suggests that being at peace with yourself in such a troubled world is not an  honourable choice.
And that if…

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