Astral Knife – Dying Star Screams

Instead of spending time overreacting to the fact that there’s snow in the winter, I decided to upload a little something we did late last year (as well as spending time working on something knew and trying out different effects pedals on the violin.)

I mean it was five years ago we had a blizzard so severe that I had to shovel my way out of the door the morning after, and make my way to the store with snow in some places coming up past my waist or even chest.

Dec 30th, 2010. To get an idea, I'm 5'4"

Dec 30th, 2010. To get an idea, I’m 5’4″

And well, I’ve only been to the corner store today, but I haven’t seen a mad rush for the stock on the shelves there. Is the media oversensationalizing just a bit? Or was that kind of stuff only happening at Whole Foods? I keep hearing in particular that kale is sold out, and for some reason that’s funny. Why? Why should anyone fixate on kale in particular? Relax. It’s a winter crop.


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