Platform Edge “That’s A-Vore!” Page 5

Cannibal005And thus concludes this harrowing tale. Which can be read in all of it’s 5 page splendor over at Tapastic. There will be more Platform Edge soon, I’m pencilling the next storyline.

Last night found us at another dark industrial/noise show (Ramleh with York Factory Complaint, Theologian, JFK, and Alberich) and me in a complete trance. I’ve talked before about how in the moment this genre is to me, how it takes me outside of this “hard world” reality…I’d use the common phrase “consensus reality” but I don’t think even the neurotypical human race has reached one. I see things rise up, and they course through my tongue and breathing passages, and when Eric & I step out into the snowfall we may as well have stepped into Narnia, for all I care. (I suppose in Narnia the bigotry is somewhat more thinly veiled than in this world.)


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