Pangender Pharaoh

pangenderpharoahMixed media, collage, marker, paint.

Taken from an article in Smithsonian magazine talking about how scientists looking at Tutankhamen’s remains speculated he may have had a clubfoot, and he may have had some hormone thing going on that gave him both masculine and feminine characteristics. Though they hadn’t conclusively determined either of those things to be absolutely true.

My Pharaoh I know is crooked limbed and gender-fluid, and an incarnated star-sun.

Yesterday on the train a drunken Frenchman asked us how we liked having Obama as a president, and suddenly startled, yelled at Eric “YOU HAVE CHANGED! FROM A WOMAN INTO A MAN!” Since the man knew Spanish as well, I told him my husband could be both a man and a woman for me, but when we ‘danced’ he was completely a man. And he said in French my ass was nice and attempted to instigate a threesome. This reads like it should be a dirty joke, but it’s a thing that actually happened.


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