Ratlace (collaborative effort)

RatlaceThis is a collaboration. I did the painting, but Yesod and Nox Sophia created the patterned rat lace, because they are artistic geniuses.


“No press pictures before our morning yogies, dammit!”

Today was…I finished another track to submit to a radio show, and my counselor talked to me about sublimation. Sublimation is when you channel an emotion into another type of response, instead of say…killing someone. I think all art is sublimation then.

I also like this quote from Jung tying it in to alchemy:

Sublimation is part of the royal art where the true gold is made. Of this Freud knows nothing, worse still, he barricades all the paths that could lead to true sublimation. This is just about the opposite of what Freud understands by sublimation. It is not a voluntary and forcible channeling of instinct into a spurious field of application, but an alchymical transformation for which fire and prima materia are needed. Sublimation is a great mystery. Freud has appropriated this concept and usurped it for the sphere of the will and the bourgeois, rationalistic ethos.


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