Butcher Knives In Riker’s

Un-believable. Remember the post about how they put metal detectors at my mental health center and they detained me for having a mixed media piece in my sketchbook that had a razor blade glued into it? This post, this one right here:


And then today I read that someone was able to smuggle a 12 inch Butcher Knife into Riker’s Island? You know, the prison? And second largest mental health facility in the really fucked-up country??? Run by sadistic knuckle dragging missing links????

The growing absurdity of the penal system and the sadistic behavior of the guards towards mentally ill inmates honestly makes it kind of hard for me to be perturbed by the idea that someone would want a knife, though logically I suppose I don’t know exactly who wanted it or why…I mean, I suppose it could be an actual criminal and not someone sent there for sleeping in a doorway or some bullshit possession charge (which the NYPD has admitting to framing people for to make arrest quotas. They like to call it “flaking”. Like dandruff.)

I’m just mostly


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