Eric Collaborating With Gorpy

yeah, our friend Gorpy from Man Vs. Nature and Eric have put together this track in the past week. You should hear it, it’s good. Eric & I also still continue to work as Astral Knife.

Last night the D string on my acoustic violin broke during practice…this was up in Hell’s Kitchen, where many of the music stores I remember are now gone, except a couple of places that specialize in guitars. So I decided to check out the latest of the Guitar Center chain store, that opened recently in nearby. The first three employees I was directed to didn’t even seem sure that they carried violin strings, and at least one looked at me as though she wondered what on earth I would want with a violin. Or maybe she wondered what anyone would want with a violin. The forth knew where they were and led me to the back of the store  to a meager selection that were a) not in my price range and b) not in the right size for my 3/4 violin. It reminded me of the Guitar Center parody on the Simpsons recently where the brass section is four instruments amidst a sea of guitars, fog machines, special effects lights and sales people searching for aimless mid-life crisises to sell unnecessary gear to. The whole thing was actually pretty funny.

Oh well, tomorrow we can go by Sam Ash. My former manager there heads up the orchestral section and knows exactly what I’ll need, especially since he was the one who sold me the secondhand violin. So that’s what I’ve managed to not accomplish today.


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