Kama Rupa at the Acheron

This is the footage from when Kama Rupa played last November in Brooklyn, with Eric on drums. Though he’s sitting and in the back, so you gotta watch for him in glimpses. 🙂 Video taken by Miro Snejdr, uploaded by Ava Sirin.

Medicaid screwed up, accidentally-on-purpose I’m sure, with my recertification notification, and then sending the wrong paperwork, and I’m currently unmedicated…it hasn’t been more than two days but twice I’ve been told it’s noticeable in one day. I’m not sure why. I don’t think I’m doing anything differently right now. I dropped off my work at the gallery and then went uptown to make dinner for Abuelita (and mushroom stew for us.) I remember playing with a toy rat that was in one of the offices at my current mental health center. I don’t feel depressed or angry or anything, just disoriented.

There are teenagers alive now who have never known a time our country was not at war.


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