Mandrill Burlesque

outAdmit it. She’s your dream girl.

So, art show went well, though at times it was overwhelming, low grade social anxiety, overstimulation…whatever, I lived. It was mixed in with elation. I’d only that afternoon re-acquired my needed medication. A clean cut young man who didn’t realize I was the artist told me he found the work “disturbing”. I may have told him that the artist was a psycho feral child rescued from sewer rats and taught to do art to prevent her from practicing cannibalism on her fellow humans, which, as a feral child, she believed were food. I may also think “disturbing” is a compliment, depending on who’s disturbed, by what, and why.

I’ve been running around in near Arctic weather since then, dealing with Medicaid, A disinterested clerk in the dingy green-grey office near Chinatown told me the computer said my recertification has been “pending since December” though I’d not received the notice. The code for where it was “pending” was a Medicaid center in Jamaica, Queens, that I’d never been to and no longer exists as of 2015 anyway. The whole thing was frustrating, so I decided I needed to unwind by walking over to Unimax and buying new ear plugz to replace the can that fell out and some 20g sterile needles for play-piercing.

Me and Eric from the opening night. There’s also a slideshow of the work at Art on A’s site:

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