The Daily Life Challenge

Opinionated Man created a blog challenge for people to talk about day to day life in their locale. This seems especially challenging to me because:

1) What hasn’t been said about New York City? It’s legendary. There are lots of websites devoted to photographs of this place in all different eras. What can I really add?

2) Despite this, there’s not much outside of the mental health program and caring for Abue that constitutes “daily life” for me. This is due to the fluxing, frenetic nature of NYC, and the erratic nature of my personal lifestyle and choices.

3)Today hasn’t been the best for photography. We’ve had slush rain. But here goes:

We start our day stepping out of our dilapidated but mural-covered factory into the world:

Eric and our empty-for-now side street.

Winter may find you by waving hello with ominous white gauze in bare trees.

It would be wiser to join nature’s meditative sleep until spring…

But that’s no reason to not keep a sense of humor…

Even when the cold got you like…

Cuz winter in New York can be snow falling from the sky…

Or snow dropped on the floor! (No, it’s not ours. We saw it in the subway. NY-Fuckin’-C !!!!)

8 thoughts on “The Daily Life Challenge

  1. Love these photos and their grit spirit. The Buddha in the snow is my fav. That’s the attitude you need to get through this winter.

    I have a question: Is there a “closing party” for the pop-up punk show? Wanted to make the opening but was sick or too busy or a combo.

    Love to you and Eric,



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