Mi Querido & A Dagger Blessing

Eric is the most wonderfully supportive person I have ever been with, even if he doesn’t have all the solutions to my mental states (that’s cool, if anyone actually did, we wouldn’t be having a mental health movement would we?) I truly feel blessed that our souls have connected with one another. Today when I met him after my counselor, he surprised me with this little phurpa dagger!

Phurpas, in addition to being very beautiful, are used in Tibetan Buddhism to exorcise and pin down malignant thoughtforms, demons, as-you-will, so there also seems to be an aptly metaphoric aspect to it as a gift for someone with schizoaffective disorder. The three sided blade represents three spirit worlds…or three poisons.

Also Phurpa the band is shamanistic, droning, throat singing goodness.

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