Astral Sabbath

So it looks like we’ve been blessed with two months of Friday the 13ths in a row! And Miniature Minotaurs, which aired today in the course of WFMU’s fund drive, invited people to do remixes of their tracks or other tracks from last month’s Friday the 13th show. So here’s “Astral Sabbath”, a 90 second mashup/loving tribute I put together between Astral Knife and Black Sabbath (who’s song “Black Sabbath” was also played on last month’s 2/13 show.)

You can visit the page for  Miniature Minotaurs With Kurt Gottschalk on WFMU’s site to see the whole playlist and stream the show. Hell, you can pledge too if you’re so inclined, because non-commercial free form radio will save us all from the slim repetitiveness of Top 40 or AOR formatted radio. No, I’m not subscribing to Sirius or whatever. What?


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