“Love in Ten Sentences” challenge

Thanks to Heartafire for nominating my for this challenge.

“To My Beloved As A Dagger”

With dagger in claw as I bore my breast

You cut La Anima free.

Ascendemos del infierno

As one flame too pure to be.

Lightning strikes toward moss as soft 

As a whisper under mi Querido’s breath.

With shelter under crooked wing

Blade pierce again O little death!

I trace upon Alsatian skin

With remnants of my sacred blood.

Symbols of the fire within

My molten lava heated flood.

As the city slowly dies and Sun

One day grows black and cold

We dissolve in a million sparks

Embers in the darkness whole.

In unions of celestial ties

None profane can tear asunder.

Trembling dagger to my thighs

Consumed in Lightning force of thunder.

My mirror soul, my Beast, my All

Into one another fall.

So the first part of the challenge is to write 10 sentences about love (and possibly fire?) and the second part is to nominate 10 other poet bloggers. But I’m disobedient and I’m sure I know more than 10 talented writers here…so I’m calling out to all of you to write 10 sentence poems about love! 😀

You can check out the poem I saw here:


And if anyone who does this wants to link back to my poem that’s cool too.


4 thoughts on ““Love in Ten Sentences” challenge

  1. Hey there. A friend of mine used to be somewhere around here. Jenny, I think, is her name. She knew me by the name “ISpontein”. 😀


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