“No Horse Meat In The Burgers”

bobsburgersMore junk I come up with after me and Eric binge-watch cartoons in bed. And though not a direct copy of his style, I sort of had in mind some of those hollow-eyed child Edward Gorey drew, imagining the kids from “Bob’s Burgers” like them.

Now if only I could finish some new comics as blithely as I amuse myself with things like this. Recently there’s been a “high school reunion” of sort for people from a comic book messageboard I used to regularly post at. Talk of an anthology. So far we’ve all been pretty upbeat and psyched about it, strangely because I kind of remember a lot of people being at each other’s throats (though I have made a number of friends through it, including the people at House of 12.)But I see names appear that I haven’t thought of in years and with a few exceptions I can’t remember what most of the fighting was about. I wound up finding out one guy is doing dark ambient thought, and I the link to our Astral Knife stuff, and we followed one another’s soundcloud streams.


3 thoughts on ““No Horse Meat In The Burgers”

    • Thanks! Yeah, I think of, when I get inspired to do this stuff after Gorey or Louis Wain or whoever, more elements I like about them than just trying to outright imitate them. Also I watercolored it…not sure if I’ve ever seen a Gorey image that wasn’t black and white?

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