Chainsaw Comics Presents “Crazy”

Did I ever tell you about the time I went to get the mail and got hauled off to Bellevue against my will?(Damn,we Thelemites HATE doing stuff against our Wills.) Well even if I didn’t you can read a comic about it in the third Chainsaw Comics anthology, which is now available.

The theme of the book is “Crazy”. It’s not strictly a first person account collection the way the You’re Crazy anthology Eric & I both appeared in was, though that’s what I went with. From the page:

“The third Chainsaw Comics anthology features a variety of perspectives around the theme “crazy” from over 25 underground artists, including notable artists such as Jason Marcy, Emi Gennis, Dino Caruso, Sam Szabo, and Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz. Styles range from realistic to minimalistic, autobiographical to supernatural, and everything in between. Chainsaw Comics stands as a leading name in quality, all ages web comics and this collection brings that same commitment to print.”

Chainsaw Comics “Crazy” anthology is put out & edited by Aaron Brassea, Nathan Stryker, and L. Nichols, and is available through:


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