April 4th…Happy World Rat Day!!!!!


Yes… it’s really a thing. And now that it’s after midnight, it’s begun.

We spent the evening working on music and snacking on bowls of fruit and berries, after what was an apathetic rainy day. I went to see the psychiatrist at the new place. There’s a lot of questions that they all seem to ask, about traumas, voices, hallucinations, self-harm, rape, drugs, it all becomes a mental flood after enough times. And if people sometimes follow me. I think I know what kind of an idea whoever thought up that question was trying to uncover, but it doesn’t take into account the times it’s NOT in your head. In my last place there seemed to be an understanding that the odious practice of stop & frisk could make that question an honest “yes” for much of the clientele. Or with women? Probably most of us in big cities have dealt with a guy trailing you for a bit just being stupid, going “Hey, you got a man? Well he don’t gotta know”

Of course not. Being there’s not gonna be anything for him TO know!

This doctor seemed to understand what I was talking about though. Decided to keep the drug protocol from my last place, thankfully. He wrote the scrips and told me to make an appointment for next month at the front on my way out, where I was told by the frustrated receptionist to call in a few hours, but before 8, because the computer system had just crashed.

Of course I forgot to. Maybe writing that part here will help me remember to do it Monday.
Anyway, to further celebrate World Rat Day, here’s an encore presentation of my under 2 minutes rodent based horror film, “Order Of The Hand Of Death”:


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