Judith Malina, in LVX/RIP

Though I met Judith relatively late in her life, I feel honored to have known her and to have seen her perform with the Living Theater. Eric as well remembers her as kind to him even in the worst moments of his life, she must’ve been operating at a higher level that way. Which would explain the innovative techniques and content of The Living Theater, which she founded with her husband Julian Beck. In the past couple of years, this legendary playhouse was priced out by a scumbag landlord, probably to turn it into another bland yuppie shithole with overpriced drinks and terrible music, or maybe an overpriced salon where yuppies pay too much money to get their boring hairdos. I dunno. Either way, though Music Cares and the Actor’s Fund were able to relocate Judith to living quarters in an actors home, many feel that the loss of her creative space, where the interactive performances were largely held, was a death blow, both in part to her and in part to the culture of this city.

As Eric & I did our own ritual performance yesterday, for the Holy Days, Judith Malina was crossing over into what we are merely able to tap into. I leave you with the play that got Judith & Co. imprisoned and tortured in Brazil in 1973…for hitting a little too close to the bone on State torture and control practices. (Way to prove their point, Medici!)

Seven Meditations On Political Sadomasochism

“Described as “a visceral examination of the social contract between the governed and the government,” the play explores Sacher-Masoch’s Six Houses of Bondage: Love, Money, Property, State, War and Death, with a seventh meditation on Revolutionary Change.”


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