“Things You’d Share With No One”

Drawing I made this afternoon, on a page torn from a pamphlet on recovery.

These days I seem to want to impose whatever is already in my brain onto the hard world reality that surrounds me. Pamphlets like this though, are designed to impose things on my brain as well though, so if I impose back, we’re even.

Yesterday we went by the Mocca Comic Festival. It’s relocated once again, this time from the Armory to the Dia Center in West Chelsea, which most people seemed to agree was a much nicer space for it…including Darryl Ayo, who bemoans the fact that he’s read an article saying the building is going to be torn down.


I don’t think it’s that the Dia Center itself is going away, since I’ve recently read an article saying the La Monte Young Dream House is going to move to the Dia Center, but still…I’m sentimental. We’ve been to a lot of cool stuff in that building. Hell, Eric & I have defiled someone’s art installation in that building. (Note to anyone who wants to include mattresses in an art installation: I have poor impulse control, and for some reason Eric finds this “cute”.) I don’t remember who’s installation that was even. We were there to see Grux, who we were on a bill with the following night and who had been brought into the installation to do noise and apparently terrorize smug scenesters with nail studded two-by-fours and latex tentacles.

There were printouts of funny Spider Man memes from the internet blown up onto the walls, I remember.

Another time we got free passes to the Outsider Art Fair in that building.

Yeah, Mocca Fest was fun this year.

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