Of Rats And LRADs

So though it’s been out for a minute by now, I guess I should show you my illustration in the latest issue of the Shadow (an NYC underground/anarchist newspaper.)

The article it’s for is a piece on the NYPD’s recent use of LRADS (Long Range Acoustic Devices) at protests against police violence, which the author asserts can be countered with shooting range grade earplugs.

Now while I find LRAD sounds charming and a bit giddy, a lot of people have adverse effects to them. Some have reported vomiting, dizziness, fluid leaking from the ears, stuff like that. And even I can see where being directly in their blast for prolonged periods of time might be a bad idea.

But anyway, courtesy of E.V. Grieve, here’s a list of places the Shadow is available in NYC.




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