(S)he Is Still Her(E)…Art Show Slide Show

Thanks to Chris Iconicide for putting together this slide show of the work in (S)he Is Still Her(E) art show, accompanied by music from all the bands who performed. My piece can be seen 3:01, and Astral Knife can be heard at 10:46. Other bands heard are Blowdryer Punk Soul, Fastlane, Iconicide, Notox, Damn Kids, Zer0 Content, and Public Nuisance.

Today I amused myself a bit walking over to a nearby extra call that had made the rounds asking for people who looked like 70’s era punks. I’m sure I would have amused myself a whole lot more if I’d actually gotten there before the call ended, but I still got treated to plenty of yups carrying resumes and head shots (Why? You’re an EXTRA.) and what appeared to be hastily purchased accessories from the “punk rocker” section of Halloween Adventure. I also met a photographer who actually did go back enough to be a 70’s era punk, who mumblingly admitted he’d actually come to vulture around, much like I did, though he had gotten some pictures of interesting people.

“Do you know what this is for anyway?” I asked. “The thing I got forwarded just said something about Scorsese, Mick Jagger, and ‘Unnamed Project'”.

“Someone said it was gonna be a TV series about the Ramones.” was the reply. Then he asked to photograph me against some Roman-gothic cathedral steps.

A TV series about the Ramones. There’s only one suitable reaction to that:


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