Bloodsucking Landlords??? Call For Stronger Rent Laws

I was going to write “gentrification” on the bedbug, but Seth said to go with “landlord”. Since this is a sign to be carried over the Brooklyn Bridge, he’s right. It graphically makes sense to go with the shorter word.

The Tenant’s March will happen on Thursday.

Apart from working on protest signs, tonight was the first night of the butoh workshop I signed up for. Now I know how to dance to drone. Now I know that putrefaction can be a lot more physically taxing than you’d think. Three hours of expanding into dissolution, becoming part of the worlds that surround us. Three hours of letting this guide an almost dreamlike state and motion of rotting from the inside, rotting outward, rotting and vomiting in spirit, sustaining flux with ankles and legs that were suddenly stronger than I’d realized.

This happened at the Cave, a space I remembered from the mid to late 90’s inhabited by a number of Japanese artists with varying degrees of fluency in English. I’d performed there in grrl-garage-punk chaos with Mz. Pakman. I’d performed there impromptu as the millennium rolled over, frying on acid, snarling, growling and banging on a giant harpsichord installed into the floor for New Year’s Eve. It’s a communication that transcended any language barrier.

Now I’m going there to learn and be serious. And I love it.


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