Gossamer Hairtriggers

I really don’t give a fuck about trigger warnings.

And it’s kind of funny because I get triggered by specific things very easily. I don’t just have triggers; I have tautly pulled gossamer hairtriggers. Yet when I stumble on a trigger warning online, I give it the same cursory glance I give the surgeon general warning on a pack of cigarettes before scrolling forward.

Because what triggers me is seldom online, and certainly not in the kinds of articles put up by the kinds of people who think about things like “trigger warnings” or “safe space” in the first place. It tends to be more in real life interactions that my security can be yanked out from under me. That someone’s callous words or actions can melt away their “human being” mask, leaving me seeing a predator underneath. A predator in-the-making maybe. I will make myself insufferable to these people, and I will nurse a grudge more kindly than I will nurse most wounds. Because remember, when a trigger gets pulled, a pistol fires.

Others though, it seems, have Very Strong Opinions on trigger warnings. I’ve heard them called offensive, patronizing, PC gone awry, condescending, suppressive…when I read such things, I can’t help but wonder, “what’s triggering those people?” I’m genuinely curious, because I just see them as largely useless. As irrelevant as this baby that got rolled out during my teenage years:

Oh wait, that wasn’t entirely useless. It let you know which albums had the good stuff. 😉


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