Yeah, That’s What She Said! — AGAIN

YTWSS2015I’m finishing an assemblage piece for the art show part of this event, which will be at Babycastles (137 W. 14th St, NY NY) this weekend. Glad to be participating in something that benefits both the Garner and Graham families.

I just began a new medication, Trileptal. It seems to be for epileptics, but has also been prescribed to bipolars. I’m neither of those. But this new doctor, he says Klonopin isn’t good to be taking for long periods of time and I’m way overdue for a change. I’ve already had an imposed drug holiday thanks to some bureaucratic fuckups on behalf on NYC Medicaid. I’m a fresh, sparkling renewed system to pour chemicals into and see what they do! He says this will help with irritability, the kind I feel for no reason sometimes, not the causal kind. I wouldn’t want to lose my anger at situations or people that warrant it, drop a boundary, let a remark slide that was purposely made to test the waters.


4 thoughts on “Yeah, That’s What She Said! — AGAIN

  1. Hi Jenny, I’m also taking meds that are anticonvulsants and act as mood stabilizers. Do you mind if I ask what your diagnosis is?


      • I dunno why I assumed you had bipolar. I’m going to have to read those specific posts of yours re: schizoaffective disorder. Thanks for clarifying 🙂 When I have a little more “steam” I’ll have to ask you more questions.


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