Uniform Record Release Party W/ Astral Knife


Tomorrow night at Trans-Pecos, Uniform is having a release party with performances by Astral Knife, Ligature, Unholy Two, Rectal Hygienics, and of course, Uniform.

Uniform is one of my favorite local “in the moment immersion” bands to see live. And since I still feel out of my gourd…I skipped the pill today and almost crashed, I don’t even know if that’s part of it. If I still feel like this by tomorrow night, all I can say is try to channel it up on stage. Like I’ve always done.

In other news, delighted at marriage equality. Delighted at my friends delight, plans for weddings already underway, all the rest. I’ve mercifully not been exposed to any homophobes whining about it today, though I’ve rolled my eyes at a few Leftier-Than-Thou types on the other end of the spectrum deriding the whole concept of marriage as “oppressive”. Or pointing out that this doesn’t fix all inequalities. No shit. But to avoid burnout, it can also help to celebrate the victories as they come.

                                                             Rats & Cats For Marriage Equality salute you!


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