Braver Souls Have Tried And Failed…

Jumping the gun to search for stuff about last night’s gig:

photo:Ken Bradburd

                                                                                                           photo:Ken Bradburd

I stumbled on this tidbit from earlier in the year, when we opened for Cult Of Youth. It’s from The L Magazine and me and Eric are wondering HOW we could have missed this gem. Well, ok,  probably because we don’t look at L Magazine a whole helluva a lot. But anyway, from the write up under the title “Sick Sounds” (I’m already flattered):

Joining them at Nothing Changes–Home Sweet Home’s weekly foray into industrial, punk, goth, and generally spooky vibes– is Astral Knife, a New York City-based experimental noise outfit that trades in deathly soundscapes and distant wails worthy of an exorcism.”


Exorcisms don’t seem to take for me though. I’ve had a couple, from self-styled Christian exorcists to this or that New Age/psychic healer type my Mom was looking into for a bit. Haven’t had a Catholic exorcism because those actually have to go through a lot of approval, from what I’ve read. I don’t want a Catholic exorcism anyway. Come to think of it, I didn’t want any exorcisms.

Last night was wonderful though. Lot of people I knew there despite the rain, friends wishing me happy birthday and all. The guys from Rectal Hygienics, who had come from Chicago, were all really great and put on a great show. And despite some folks jokingly wondering if drummer Omar Gonzalez and I are related…we aren’t. It’d be cool if we were, but all my relations on that side of the family are in Florida and Union City.

It’s exhilarating to come home from a performance a black goo and bloody mess, still with a wonderful husband/bandmate/soulmate saying you look beautiful and these are the things to keep for memory.

                                                                             photo by Eric Blitz


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