There Are No Safe Spaces

There’s always a reminder that no matter what you yourself think, in the eyes of the Common Good your pain, the pain of countless others like you, who have been thrust through the same hell, are irrelevant. Or clearly not as relevant as the well being of a Very Important Rapist. There’s no time to think about the pain such things cause victims in the above ground polluted-haze filter through which all Common Good sunshine is viewed. A haze where all they can see is that we mustn’t be overly hard on the offenders and predators. Because something something forgiveness redemption Jesus something.

And even when people aren’t inherently malevolent they still find this acceptable. But maybe rage and destruction aren’t really a problem here. Maybe they just mean “this is bullshit and I won’t retreat to suffer silently like the rest of the world would prefer”

Being silenced doesn’t eradicate the truth.

It also doesn’t make anything better. Which is why I don’t bother.

3 thoughts on “There Are No Safe Spaces

  1. Yes!
    I sometimes forget the world is not safe, as all the people on my Facebook are awesome activists or silent about everything. And the people I worked with were activists. And everyone just GOT IT. And then I’d go out into the real world, sometimes by accident and I’d hear stupid things. And realise safe space doesn’t exist outside my bubble, outside the bubble of NUS (National Union of Students). It’s all just too good to be true. I mean,the majority of people voted in a Conservative Government ffs, Abort! Abort! *Runs back to her safe space where she will keep pretending everyone is cool*.

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