Update July 22

caterpillar  Ephemera from Saturday night, while Eric was sitting in on Zero Content with Fly and Craig. Weasel Walter is on tour with Lydia Lunch. I’m in the scrambling to get things ready for the Zine Fest stage, so this may be my most recent drawing without an agenda or pressure behind it.

I could be doing “BFMH2015” right now I suppose. There are things that hit my consciousness that need full articles devoted to them that I don’t feel confident enough to fully approach. On the website The Root is an an article regarding Sandra Bland’s Facebook videos about PTSD and depression. To me this incriminates the police even further in her murder(yes I believe she was murdered), having talked in the past about police brutality towards the mentally ill in public and Riker’s Island.

Others didn’t feel that way. There were a lot of comments suggesting that by sharing this information, information Sandra herself shared, The Root was “excusing” the cops’ behavior. Concern that discussing this would lead people to just assume it was suicide. I can see where that is possible. But her experiences were hers. And whether she had PTSD or was mentally fit-as-a-fiddle, the cop in the video used excessive force, and I’m suspicious about what else may have happened.

Then a friend of a friend committed suicide last night, and the grief was exacerbated by a sensationalist front page story about the patrons of the expensive rooftop bar where she did it continuing to order overpriced bottles of champagne and party as if nothing had happened. I’m torn between wanting the callousness of soul-lacking yuppies laid bare at every turn, and feeling like blaring these additional details adds to the pain for those who knew this person. “Show some tact!!!” screams my brain and then “Parade everyone on that rooftop naked through the streets of New York, with signs saying what they did/didn’t do! Let the crowd throw their most rotten maggot filled compost at them in this heat wave!!!” at the same time.

I have no answers.

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