But Blow Gives Me A Headache.

That was my protest when Dad came by to relieve me of caring for Abuelita today. And offered his opinion of my razor blade necklace. How many years have you had to comment on this??? “I just like sharp objects and endorphins.” Also I’m an aging punk, but I left that part off. Why state the obvious?

Him: “People used to wear them to cut coke. They’d have gold ones made.”

Me: “GOLD razors? Posers.”

I recall some zine in the 90’s that, for shits and giggles, ran one of those Penthouse letters the zinester had cut out. The letter, probably typed one-handed, was about an alleged freaky sexual encounter the letter writer claimed to have with a riot-grrl who had a solid gold navel ring. What horseshit.

My “How I Quit Crack” t-shirt didn’t elicit any response, however

A knife a fork a bottle and a cork. That’s the way you spell New York.”

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