Astral Knife – Insomiac Sentinel

I posted this track on the last night of my having insomnia… before I started a new set of meds that left me barely able to stand up, at least for the adjustment week. And some of the musicians out of Texas were coming through Brooklyn…Eric was there to let them stash some bags at our haunted coffin factory and go to lunch and Catland and visit with Sean at his record shop…meanwhile I have to take care of Abue. Today that means collapsing on her couch as she dozes of in her chair, and periodically being woken up by blaring Spanish talk shows and checking if she needs anything.

This doesn’t refresh me enough though. I meet up with everyone at Silent Barn still so drugged out I can barely stand up, especially since my knees are wobbling and buckling erratically under me. I’m actually kind of walking like Eric now! What if this medicine leaves me that way? The romantic part of me thinks it would be one more thing we would become alike and symbiotic in. The pragmatic part of me thinks we’d have to come up with a new way to get the laundry cart up and down the stairs in the building. I was also worried that people might think I was withdrawn, sullen and standoffish…and these are people I don’t feel that way toward. But everyone was understanding. Sean and Richard were nice and let me sit in a chair at the march table, and I was able to take things in that way. I congratulated them in person on being recently married.

So it was Bob Bellerue, Monica Sanchez and Dan Miñoza performing as Serpentine, Sean Matzus  – A Week of Kindness, Sam McKinlay – The Rita, and Richard Ramirez. All tight sets. The next day  Monica wanted to get authentic New York pizza, which we did, and then we all went to the Tom of Finland retrospective down in Soho. He was quite the draftsman.

Also I think this image shows he had a good understanding of politics and corporate capitalism.


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