Featured Artist: Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz

Thanks to Ruthie and Manufactured Dissent for doing this interview with me! It’s a great art site too, worth going through.

Manufactured Dissent


Hometown/ Current town: NYC (Hell’s Kitchen) / NYC (Brooklyn)

Bio:  I was born in Hell’s Kitchen New York, when that was a thing that could mold you…these days I feel like me, my
husband, our friends, we’re going extinct and I shrug and just keep making something out of whatever will make a mark or a sound. When I was young it was because it was there. now it’s kind of equally because it’s there and so am I.

Upcoming projects:  Working on a piece for a show in Chicago in September. It will be at Sideshow Gallery and will benefit an animal rescue charity called One Tail at a time. Also some friends have told me this week about things gestating they want me or me and my husband involved in, be it film scoring, comic festivals, everything probably is too in a gestative stage to really get into much detail though.

Cannibal003webSelect links: A couple short…

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