Who Is Pizza Rat?………The Comic Anthology

Viral video star Pizza Rat could be the most Quintessential New Yorker that ever was.

So of course s/he deserves a WHOLE comic anthology in his/her honor! What ratty-rat doesn’t? (BTW, I’m inclined to think Pizza Rat is a girl given the lack of super-obvious boy rat accessories…ask my to show ya a picture sometime.) I’ll also tell you what else I think about Pizza Rat, along with several other cartoonists and comic artists, in the this forthcoming anthology, just needing to be funded on Kickstarter here:

or by visiting whoispizzarat.com

Who all’s in this? Well, there’s me, my fellow HO12’er Cheese, and, well…here:

Who Is Pizza Rat? – The contributors

Each writer and artist was given just one page to tell their story – after all Pizza Rat only had 14 seconds of video to tell her (his?) story!




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