Madame Venus (watercolor)


Alternately, “Venus In Flytraps”. And playing around a bit with a crowquill. A $2 frame from the Housing Works around the corner from Abuelita, where signs on all the counters proclaim their double mission to combat homelessness and AIDS/HIV.

Apart from that what’s good? Po-Lie-Tricks? I’ve got a flurry of sympathetic ears when I express disdain for Trump, with all the awful things he says about Latinos, and some of his followers even attacking them…and that disabled reporter who’s hands he made fun of! No doubt, Trump and his crew are the worst possible outcome. A few weeks ago, Eric got in an argument with a loud Trump supporter that somehow ended with the guy telling him he “bid him well on his way to the ovens”. This guy was in his 60’s, not some college kid who thought he was being “edgy” or “un-P.C.” or some shit.

But I suspect some sympathy will dissolve in light of the fact that I wonder if Bernie Sanders isn’t a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Or at least, a colossal letdown waiting to happen? I mean, a lot of his supporters seems to have the same 2008 he-is-the-messiah vibe that a lot of Obama supporters had. But mainly I’m just freaking out right now over his 70’s crunchy granola stoner rape fantasies, cuz that’s what I do. Don’t be the neo-liberal Man cramping my PTSD style Phuqhead!


How many sentences in did you start thinking about stabbing hippies?

There’s Jill Stein. She’s got a snowball’s chance in Hell, but that’s who I’m likely to go with.




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