Posting From An App

This is my first attempt to ever write a blog post like this, tapping warm blooded Vienna sausages against a small flat tablet.
Speaking of warm blooded appendages, I was remembering being kids and a porno mag given to us by an unscrupulous adult relative… he was just that kinda guy. By which I mean “sociopathic pedophile with a strange way of completely normalizing the most outlandish shit” which is also known as grooming.
  Many of the naked women in the magazine had teeth in their vaginas. At the time it just seemed weird and sort of funny. I was a kid. When I got older I read about “vagina dentata”, the fear (held by men) of women having teeth in their cunts. I think I could have had some fun in the past if that were real, looking back on certain times in my life. I also wonder what kinds of men are actually worrying about this? I mean, ideally, you’re sticking your dick in a woman’s vagina, she likes you and wants you there, RIGHT???? Or is there a REASON the dude thinks someone would be justified in wanting to bite off his dick?
So…Vagina Dentata.


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