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It’s a snapshot while my scanner access is limited.I’ve not been around so much I know, but we’ve encountered some of the most surprising of people in these transitional activities.

I feel such contentment here in my dilapidated roots, my unrenovated squalor. Some of the millennial transplants become convinced that it’s people like Abuelita and I who are the monsters making it impossible for them (or at least those of them who don’t have trust funds and/or connections) to get foot planted securely in NYC.

Hey, it’s been a real bitch for me too.

Thing is though, the real difficulties come from realtors banking on high turnovers, young people eventually deciding to “settle down” by leaving the city, the erosion of rent stabilization and even moreso, rent control and well no, the way we intergenerational native tenement dwellers live is modest. Possibly not even to newcomer’s liking, if this shocked article on “bitchens” is to be believed: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/04/14/apartment-with-shower-in-kitchen_n_7057488.html 

We want neighbors old or new who will love it like we do and always bring in more character. Realtors though want to take that all away.

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