Watching Malcolm X’s trip to Mecca on TV late at night because I find that soothing but reruns of “Three’s Company” make me paranoid. Footage with camels, sacred water storing travellers. I’d like to ride one again though the wild loping gait seems more something I could briefly stand for fun than to actually get anywhere.

Once upon a time the philosopher Nietzche warned the monster hunters “Be careful when fighting monsters, lest you become one”. He hadn’t told the little Monster Hunter that there would be times and situations that would gnaw at her oldest scars, the ones she’d got the first ever time a Monster had got at her as a kid. She’d managed to escape, and dedicated herself to fighting Monsters. But just like there were Monsters that were able to disguise themselves as ordinary people and get away with it and that was always frustrating, there was another type of cunning monster as well. One who could make the masses see an ordinary person as a Monster, if that person stood in the way of their agenda or they perceived as crossing them in any way, and get away with it as well. And a Monster Hunter could find herself in the precarious position of having to navigate a minefield.

I should take my medication.


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