Astral Knife “Choke Piece” & further…

This is from last Saturday at Wild TorVs in Brooklyn, the video is courtesy of Tamio Shiraishi, who’s amazing work I’ve been exploring since meeting him then. We also had Tommy Turner showing footage from his film “Where Evil Dwells” on the wall opposite our setup, and some of what I do later in this plays to that, but because of the circular nature of the room it isn’t quite captured.

The choking…was spur of the moment, not only my past history with having been throttled, but this heavy feeling that hangs everywhere now of a barbed wire collar just waiting to pull tight, the ends stuffed down our collective throats. Rising threats of violence and more than just passing allusions to ethnic cleansing out of the zealous Trump mobs,and the “everything is problematic/privilege” set that seems to make up the bulk of the discourse you see on the Left these days? At least, online? I don’t think they’ll be much help to us when the time comes.Also, they do not want us doing our sound art either:


Though this noise show had been announced well in advance of this, these lifestyle anarchists got their way because it was apparently their space, fat-cat property owners. :p

Your ways confuse and alienate me. I remember when anarchists MADE the noise. Crash Fucking Worship. With time to kill and an abundance of morbid curiousity, a drunker pee-drinker who had accompanied one of the other bands peered in to see what the anarchists were doing that required such silence.

“They’re talking about how taking public transit instead of driving everywhere can reduce your carbon footprint”.

True but…not exactly revolutionary. I think I read that one on the back of a cereal box once. Also as expensive as public transit is, most of us are stuck with it cuz it’s STILL cheaper than parking and gas and maintaining a car here, assholes!



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