Illness today, can’t hold a pen or a brush in my hand or coffee in my stomach. Barely even water.

Still, it’s just me and Abuelita here for the better part of the day, Eric completing the final day of his recovery coach training, and she eventually needs my help to get up and go to the toilet. I manage to stand and even not get dizzy long enough to help her do what needs to be done. But she senses my arms and body aren’t as firm as usual when I hold her up for support and this gets her very frightened and launching into a flustered torrent about “brujas”. In her mind “brujas” are responsible for all her aches and pains, and now presumably for mine. Ironically, I alleviate these pains with herbal remedies and essential oils, but she calls me “animisma” and to her its a world of difference.

Eric shows me his Recovery Coach certificate when he gets home, and though I’m still achey I feel very proud.



3 thoughts on “4/1/16

  1. You aren’t feeling well and it may affect your writing a little. I liked what you wrote – just had a few run on sentences.


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