With Sweet Wines And Wines That Foam

Tonight we’re doing the music for this event at Catland, for the Holy Days of Thelema.


12933125_10154708640008574_6380842770662946558_nA reading of the Book of the Law: Chapter 1
with Live Music

Liber AL vel Legis is the central sacred text of Thelema, delivered to Aleister Crowley in Cairo, Egypt by the spirit Aiwass, his Holy Guardian Angel, in the year 1904. Its full title is Liber AL vel Legis, sub figura CCXX, as delivered by XCIII=418 to DCLXVI, and it is commonly referred to as The Book of the Law.

Liber AL vel Legis contains three chapters, each of which was written down in one hour, beginning at noon, on 8 April, 9 April, and 10 April. We will commemorate the writing of the first chapter this evening.

6:30 pm doors open for socializing.

7:00 pm reading and music starts.

Bring food & drink to share – suggested to please Nuit:

“rich foods and …sweet wines and wines that foam!”, and vegetarian foods: “there is no blood therein”

$8.00 donation for rent.

At Catland

987 Flushing Ave in Brooklyn, 6:30 – 9 PM

So, not technically an Astral Knife gig, but I’m tagging this AK cuz it is the two of us providing the music.

In the past I’ve made some well-received vegetarian dishes for the potluck…The first year Catland was open I made ratatouille. This year between caring for Abuelita, preparing to do music, and you know, life…no time to cook. Maybe next year.


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