The Starman, Decoder, and Violinist

So now I’m waiting for Eric to return from a screening of the German film “Decoder” that I was too busy to attend. Valerie had been in it, along with a lot of other people.


Saturday I was pleasantly surprised by the first public posting of this cover, for the David Bowie coloring book due out from Feral House this fall. While I didn’t draw that, I do have a Quabbalistic themed piece of line artwork  inside the book, just waiting for adult coloring enthusiasts to interpret as they will. No, you don’t get to see it till the book is out. 🙂

That picture of Bowie reminds me, the day he died, within 5 minutes of hearing that discovering I had sold two pieces out of Art On A Gallery, so being hit with these rapid highs and lows, causal not chemical at least. This afternoon would prove no different as I came in from the rain later that afternoon from a lunch at a French restaurant and an art sale only to learn Tony Conrad had just passed away. A tremendous musician who I’ve only met on a couple of occasions, but who probably influenced more of what I do with and to my violin than I care to say.



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