Harshing My Harm Reduction Buzz

In the past few years I’ve gotten into experimenting with play piercing as a form of performance art, pleasure, and as an alternative to self-harm. I’ve also tried employing these techniques with controlled breathing, meditatively, and been pleased with the shifts in consciousness.

Which is why I took it more calmly than I might have in the past when I went to my favorite supplier only to find out a new law says the little needles can now only be sold to licensed piercers, affiliated with a shop. Which is not to say I wasn’t sad and annoyed or that I don’t think this law is idiotic and pointless (rimshot), just that I took it calmer than I might have at another time.


Ai que tragedia, now I have to order this stuff online at full price like everybody else. (SOB!!!) Eric made me a bowl of ice cream for consolation.


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