Blood Spot People


Drawing faces based on the forms in blood spatters.

Also dealing with Abuelita and her dementia…she’s in a particularly nasty mood. She’s taken to this dire tone of voice like a cracked viola over every little thing, as though the world is ending. Only this tone isn’t used over things like when she’s experiencing actual pain. It’s used when I tell her she can’t have a second cup of coffee because she’s 98 years old and a little over 98 pounds and one is enough. She tells me we haven’t given her any today. I say my husband made the coffee this morning and I gave it to her with breakfast. She throws things to the floor and calls me a liar. At least all she has to throw are pillows and stuffed animals.

I have a month to get new stuff happening for one art show and get a pitch together for another…I need to do something more useful with this chaos.


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