My Medicaid is screwed up, and I can’t get my psych med generic, and people are writing about how schizo-affective disorder, schizophrenia or schizo-anything “don’t exist”. And then Prince died.

Source: Prince – Seven (Official Music Video)

I’d love to embed a youtube video  of Prince, but someone seems to have put alternate tracks on all of them. Really really terrible alternate tracks, like of whiny college boy indie rock bands or something.

This has been a very bad year for anyone who shaped my formative years, pre-adolescent predilection for fluid, gender-bending sexuality without my actually having met them. Martin Gore should probably watch his ass.




2 thoughts on “4/21/16

  1. This is wishful thinking on the part of either evil and or misguided people.

    It’s odd that of all of the genuinely idiotic ideas that emerged in the late 1960’s the ‘All You Need is Love’ movement in mental health still exist lingers like the scent of cheap incense.

    Mental illness exists. Schizophrenia exists.

    Reality doesn’t conform to political dogma and the spirits of those who have died in torment on the streets of America demand justice.

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