I just wrote a lengthy response to the lengthy response of that mental health advocacy blog, in which they accuse me of trying to impose one reality on everyone and deny others the right to define their experience. Hit send… and discovered my comments are no longer showing up on their page?! So they can make public accusations and I can’t defend myself?

This is all because I disagreed with an article they posted – not even something they directly said themselves – about schizophrenia not actually existing. Which to me smacks of the sort of hyperbolic that leads to people taking a “it’s all in your head pull yourself up by your bootstraps” approach to mental illness. That’s something I’ve dealt with in my life, and it’s certainly something I’ve talked to other people, IRL and online, about having to deal with, but apparently it’s not on this collective blog it’s not acceptable to offer this perspective, when it disagrees with what they posted.

Kind of funny, that in being not allowed to dissent, and not allowed to answer their accusations, it kind of seemed like they were the ones doing the denying and imposing they said I was.

I have no doubt doctors don’t know everything there is to know about schizophrenia, (or anything else) at this point in time, and that some of what is currently thought may be wrong or obsolete. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t fucking exist. That kind of shutting down shit is why Riker’s houses more mentally ill people than any any (woefully underfunded) treatment center in this city. Fuck that noise.

And speaking of which, then Richard Lyons from Negativland died.


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      • OK…

        These are the same assholes who are responsible for laws that prevent the mentally ill from getting mandated treatment.

        Schizophrenia is an eccentricity if you are RICH and able to surround yourself with RESOURCES that help you to survive psychotic breaks and experience your voices as ‘good things’.

        I’m thinking Howard Hughes.

        If you’re poor Schizophrenia is a fucking mess and laws that are designed to stop the avaricious relatives of rich people with schizophrenia from sending them to institutions out because of greed make our lives WORSE.

        This is the economic rule of thumb:

        Crazy with Money = Eccentric
        Crazy without Money=Homeless

        These people need to wake up and look at the rest of the world.

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      • Is that their agenda? I thought they were a de-stigmatization/patient’s right’s type thing. I mean, I’m not in favor of abusive relatives being able to hospitalize someone against their will. But yeah, no one there seems too interested in the fact that a diagnosis on a psycho-social evaluation, even with all the bullshit that goes with it, grants me access to a few social service crumbs that help me stabilize and survive instead of having to try and get by on my own.

        As far as voices go, they can be good or bad, but mostly just odd, like just saying random stuff that doesn’t have to do with anything.

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      • I read the bio’s…many of them are academics and I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that some of them are Rogerians.

        I don’t know how many of them carry or would carry a mental health diagnosis. To be honest the titles of most of the posts I saw made my head explode.

        There is nothing more dangerous than an academic who makes a living by studying mental illness.

        They make ‘expert’ decisions about other people’s lives and never for a second stop to consider the consequences of their decisions.

        An example: I sat on San Francisco’s ‘Integrated Services Initiative’ — Suddenly all psych patients had a dual diagnosis, all of them had substance abuse problems.

        There wasn’t a person on the initiative who made fewer than 75 thousand a year; there wasn’t a person in that room who knew how it felt to survive on a paltry Seven Thousand dollars a year.

        I asked if we weren’t inducing substance abuse disorders in our mental health clients by using crack hotels as residential placement.

        Many of my patients told me that if they didn’t drugs from the dealers and use them they were threatened or beaten up.

        This ditzy man from Marin County said: “This is where we teach our clients to say no.”

        My point is that the question of the reality of a mental illness is absurd.

        The mind makes things up. If the mind chooses to make up auditory and visual hallucinations the question is not is it real.

        The question is why the brain thinks it needs to do this to survive.

        In a more intelligent age, the kind of era that gave us psychoanalyses, this line of reasoning is self evident.

        But this is the age of overeducated do nothings who rake in huge amounts of money from other people’s suffering while arrogantly taking it upon themselves to decide whose subjective experience is valid and whose isn’t.

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      • Well…I am not familiar with “rogerian”, I’ll read the link you provided. I did go through a program here in NYC that was for substance abuse and mental illness, I won’t say it didn’t have it’s problems, but I did benefit, mostly due to one counselor I was paired with (sheer luck). Because the program also acted as a halfway program for those with diagnoses who had been in Rikers (some now mandated to attend these programs as conditions of their release, some willing, some resentful)I learned from their stories about this whole other part of mental health “care” in the U.S. where abuse is rampant…in the prison system.

        But that’s just it…I’m not trying to invalidate that what works for some might not work for others, or say that because it does help some that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved.

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      • Ok, I read the rogerian article…just curious, why do you think that’s bad? We schizos like being talked to with empathy and not solely judged by how much money we make (or is that because I’m anticapitalista? 😉 )

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      • Psycho-therapy AND love are both essential to treating all mental health conditions.

        My problem is not so much with Rogers, who was a strong advocate for using the community as part of the treatment. That was the birth of residential treatment.

        My problem is that his work suggested that schizophrenia is entirely a ‘socially induced’

        I think that social context affects the treatment of everything from AIDS to PTSD.

        An environment that is hostile to the people with disabilities makes everything worse.

        We are now successfully treating cancer but to get here we had to remove the stigma.

        When I was a kid if you got a diagnoses of Cancer you shut your mouth and died alone.

        I don’t believe for a minute that money is a mark of success.

        The fact that I can remember what our conversation is about, read your reply, focus on it to decipher the meaning of the words, and find the concentration to write my response makes me one of the richest men I know, given the severity of my illness, which many academics claim doesn’t exist.

        My contention is with taking a theory such as, “Schizophrenia is a product of the negative consequences of failed social interactions.” and using it as the basis for the wild assertion that Schizophrenia doesn’t exist.

        I can’t think of anything more stigmatizing and invalidating than the idea that the source of so much psychic pain and destitution for so many people does not exist.

        The non-profit that I worked for combined Rogerian, behavioral and psycho-dynamic approaches to different kinds of mental illnesses.

        We selected our staff for empathy and the ability to form meaningful relationships with our clients.

        We also worked on ourselves because if you are raised in a culture that stigmatizes people to the degree that it strips them of all access to basic resources then you have probably internalized the bias.

        In my ideal world academics base their assertions on the best available fact and when facts prove them wrong they revise their assertions to reflect a fact based reality.

        People with Schizophrenia need love, medicines, housing, good food, an opportunity to learn new skills, to have fun, and to be respected as people with sacred lives.

        They also need treatment for what we know are biochemical processes that went awry.

        We don’t give intensive treatment like that to illnesses that don’t exist in a profit driven culture.

        That is why an ‘expert’ assertion that schizophrenia does not exist is potentially lethal.


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