More Helter Swelter.

I use a rolling suitcase to transport gear or art stuff on the subway. I guess the drawback to that though is that occasionally someone might be stupid enough to mistake me for a tourist…at least, I can only assume that the reason for what happened today. As I waited for a transfer on the grimy platform from express to local I felt a quick blow between my shoulders, and a sarcastic male voice sneering “Excuse me”. It didn’t really hurt, but it knocked me forward a bit, so to keep from falling I braced my left arm against the suitcase handle and planted the right foot behind me into the body of whoever did the for support (yeah right… šŸ˜‰ ) I also shouted WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING to make a scene. The person scurried back and away and I pivoted around to see the back of a slender person in a stain grey hoodie and shorts over sweatpants hurrying off. He wasn’t much taller than me. The weird thing is, today was muggy and humid, stinking fetid hot…who wears a hoodie in weather like this?



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