Primeval Sounds en El Barrio

I’m a few hours away from performing Kurt Schwitters Ur Sonate at a Latino Cultural center in El Barrio. Part of me is loving the idea of Ur Sonate in El Barrio, like I loved how my ability to do it helped convince a British doctor at Bellevue to stop holding me against my will that one time. (Eric was also a crucial help!)

I’m not even sure how this was promoted since I’ve been trying to finish new works and get Abuelita to eat (she’s been fussy lately). I have my fangirl fantasies that some of the elder statesmen of poetry that still reside on the East Side would wander in to see what this is about, this accompaniment of the classic with free jazz, but El Barrio’s been getting as fucked up uh I mean “gentrified” as the rest of NYC since I lived there with my Dad and I wouldn’t blame folks for going all what is with this Dada tone poem Euro-trash?!?

I think people yell at you for stuff like that more online than in reality.

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