This is a mini canvas I created as an offering for Genesis Breyer P-Orridge’s “Try To Altar Everything” show at the Rubin Museum, which Eric and I were finally able to get out and see in it’s last week. It’s loteria cards, some of Abuelita’s beads, and a piece of my tooth that chipped the day after she died. I felt since a small part of my own bone fell off within the first 72 hours of her transition, I should offer it into this installation about the sacred and transitory. Which was a beautiful show. Altar everything because everything has some sacredness in it.

Sure, I’ve read that philosophy, heard it, abstractly understood it. Animism. Namaste. Thou Art God. Every Man And Every Woman Is A Star. But it’s only been in recent times that I’ve really really been thinking about it. That even people who’ve hurt/abused me have a spark of Divine in them even if I can’t see it. (Doesn’t mean I’m gonna waste time looking for it though. Just that it must be there.)


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