Clean Specimens

Yesterday Eric was at a rehearsal for a quick set he’s playing with Sewage NYC at the Tompkins Square Park Riot Anniversary today (the one in 88). Sort of a last minute addition. I was wandering through a street fair, looking through a tray of $5 articulated spiked full finger rings. They’re like Axel’s designs, on;y not as detailed or well crafted. A sudden heavy rain explodes from the sky and the canopies threaten to not be strong enough. I take shelter under a construction girder near the bus terminal. A man next to me holds a piece of paper with faint blue ballpoint writing on it. It’s barely visible, but no need to bust out my glasses, because “BLOOD, URINE SAMPLES! GUARANTEED CLEAN!!” he barks like an old school carny, eyes scouring the streets for takers. I laugh to myself. His chant and the rain feel like a “Lesser Banishing Ritual of the GENTRY-gram”, if that were a thing.




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