Automatic Drawing & the 3AM Death Energy Network

Experiment with automatic drawing. Just keep a pen and colored pencils in the meditation spot, cuz sometimes my hand is guided to color.


Speaking of which, a friend of mine shared this article by a friend of his on doodling (unfocused drawing), the unconscious, and the daemonic. Fun stuff.


3:14 AM a few nights/mornings ago. There’s a guy on the radio talking about the DEATH ENERGY NETWORK of BLOOD DRINKING WIZARDS that has long practiced HUMAN SACRIFICE. These days, they use cell phone towers to implant fear rays into while you sleep.

                             FUCK YES

                                 THIS WILL BE GOOD

But sadly, after this hilarious teaser, Radio Guy switches his tirade  to a tedious list of of seafood export prices, which he is somehow tying in to climate change denialism which means we should all cheer up cuz things aren’t as bad as THEY want you to think!

Don’t let the Blood Drinking Wizards grind you down.


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