Pronoblem Francis Baalberith

This week has been strange. Eclipsed by the fact that our friend, artistic collaborator, and political activist, Pronoblem was killed while riding a motorcycle in Connecticut on the night of September 11th. This year it’s been more of my NYC friends reliving visceral memories of being there (not flag waving and conspiracies, sometimes that almost seems like you’re talking about something else). This year I still wake up some mornings planning what I can make for Abuelita that she’ll eat without a fuss before I remember that she’s not here anymore. Now this. Now someone else is not here anymore.

I remember performing together with Urchestra and Satan’s Answering Machine, sneaking into Lowell Cemetary in pitch darkness for an improv jam session on Kerouac’s grave, tea and Jung’s Red Book, Occupy Wall Street,dosas, cookies shaped like Yoda, Pronoblem’s fantastic masks that even appeared in a Pixies video and sound sculptures for him or Eric to play on…RIP/in LVX


This journal strip hasn’t been inked yet, but this is prime what hanging out with Pronoblem was like:



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